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What can I do?  Born in the early 60’s and raised by parents who needed to be frugal.  They  taught us to conserve, reduce, reuse & recycle as much as possible!  We were a GREEN family before it was a buzz word ,or vogue ~ go figure!  Back then it was to stretch the dollar, though now that may be the case again for many! 

Growing up in California, I did alot of backpacking in the Sierras, canoeing down the Colorado River, and spent lots of time with friends outdoors enjoying the beauty that the  wilderness had to offer.  We learned to appreciate that nature was fragile and needed to be cared for.  Even then we were required to conserve water because of the droughts in California since it was such a valuble commodity . 

 Now I try my best to keep that going in my own family.  However its hard to keep yelling, “Turn off the water while brushing your teeth!” ten million times, but somewhere down the line I think that I too will have taught my children that our water supply, and our natural resources are invariably expendable. 


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  1. Love the information, and daily updates on various key topics.
    Thanks for your research, and pointers!

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