Greening the SCHOOL (I)

Protecting our children and the environment:

The first priority of any school must be the health and safety of th children under its care.  Unfortunately, however, many school environments are not safe due to the use of household and industrial strength cleaners. Often the cleaning products that are used within the school contain dangerous chemicals which may be harmful to the health of the children.  Health effects may seem temporary and benign such as headaches, eye and throat irritation, couching and increased susceptibility to temporary illness; or they may be acute, such as triggering of asthma attachs or severe allergic reations.  Unfortunately, there may also be chronic, long term effects from these chemicals such as learning kisabilities and serious illness.

ChildrensMercyHospital-1.jpg Childresn Mery Hospital, KC, MO. Dedicated to the sick children. image by Dinkyjean

There are two vital ways to greening the schools:

1) Elimate harmful toxic cleaning products within school buildings, thus making them safer and healthier environments, and;

2) By eliminating these harmfull substances the earths environment is also being helped!



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