“Children of the Corn” Beware!

Beware of the (GGM) Green Giant Monsanto, and GMO’s (genetically modified organisms)

Here is an excerpt from a must read!

” Ultimately, there are better, healthier ways to make cheaper food. Until then the best thing we can do is to demand further investigations and buy organic products whenever practical.
And if you can’t afford to buy organic, O’Brien recommends, “A great first step, given how pervasive these ingredients are in processed foods that often use these ingredients to extend shelf life, is to reduce your exposure to processed foods and stick with pronounceable ingredients and foods that your grandmother would have served her kids.”

Meanwhile, let’s endeavor to make Monsanto a household name. But not in a good way.


READ YOUR LABELS,  research you food products, and SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL FARMS!!


Bag the Lunch? Paper or Plastic…


Sandwich Stealing Squirrel

Waxed Paper Bag: Raw Material source:(new) Trees,Petroleum-based paraffin or vegetable wax;

Energy Used: paper requires more energy than plastic to manufacture + the wax;

Disposal-Unrecyclable, however waxed paper will degrade in backyard compost at about same rate as leaves;

General Environmental Impact-Deforestation results in habitat loss.

Plastic Sandwich Bags: Glad, Ziploc & Best Yet use LDPE#4 plastic (none are labeled and some use PVC#3 which contain plasticizers you don’t want near your food);

Raw Material: oil;

Energy used in Production-Thousands of gallons of oil + energy for production; Disposal-Gags are not easily recycled by can be cleaned and reused again…;General

Environmental Impact-Plastic does not break down in nature.

Mini-sandwich lunch for adult

BOTTOM LINE: Both are very poor alternative to reusable containers, but if you’re in a bind, the energy savings give plastic sandwich bags a slight edge over waxed paper, as long as you reuse them frequently and recycle them if you can.

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