“Children of the Corn” Beware!

Beware of the (GGM) Green Giant Monsanto, and GMO’s (genetically modified organisms)

Here is an excerpt from a must read!

” Ultimately, there are better, healthier ways to make cheaper food. Until then the best thing we can do is to demand further investigations and buy organic products whenever practical.
And if you can’t afford to buy organic, O’Brien recommends, “A great first step, given how pervasive these ingredients are in processed foods that often use these ingredients to extend shelf life, is to reduce your exposure to processed foods and stick with pronounceable ingredients and foods that your grandmother would have served her kids.”

Meanwhile, let’s endeavor to make Monsanto a household name. But not in a good way.


READ YOUR LABELS,  research you food products, and SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL FARMS!!


Eating Organic

Find organic farms in your neighborhood (also includes info on local restaurants buying and serving organically grown dishes):

For organic produce (fruits, vegetables and herbs) to grow or buy – www.localharvest.org

For organically grow meats to buy – www.eatwild.com

Great information for fingding your hometown farming community!

Send Organic Flowers!

Photo by digiyesica’s photostream  on Flickr

Kids are the future of Our Planet!

Kids are the future of our Planet! That may sound redundant, however this generation is growing up to be the first environmentally conscience generation. Ok, we had the “hippie” generation ~very organic, but how many of those people can say they are still doing that bit! Some, but not all. 

Now we have kids in preschool, grade school, high school and college being made aware of the crisis at hand thru the media and hopefully their school, if not by parents.  So it is our duty to keep on with this without burning them out in the process.

I have found some great links to check out, each labeled with various age levels:

High School/Adult:www.neefusa.org  and http://climate.weather.com

Grade School and up:http://globalwarmingkids.net , and www.Scholastic.com/actgreen

Preschool and up: www.treetures.com ,and www.adventuresofriley.com (games)


Found a great blog site!


There is a new social community – http://www.Cre8Buzz.com/profiles/1470  , go check it out! The people are really nice and it gets kind of addicting. 

 One of my favorite blogs there is by  The Green Parent. She has worked hard to find us all kinds of information on going green. She has also written a book to help us along… The Green Parent can be purchased online at amazon.com…great stuff! 

  http://thegreenparent.blogspot.com worth checking out!

Green Is the New Black!


Lots of people have thought about it, some have even done it!  Green is the new Black!

 And, even if you don’t like Oprah, she is powerful and she is -out there, and she is talking the green talk and walking the green walk with lots of other folks who have taken notice!  People listen to what she has to say, and she is saying alot about going green the easy way with non-toxic biodegradable household cleaners.  You can order your “Oprah’s favorite Things” green kit, as seen on TV,  see http://shaklee.net/goodhealthresources/gc_yourhome1! Check it out ~ Hey, I’ve been greening the easy way for 18+ years now,before it was IN!

Photo of Great Barrier Reef, Australia by Larry Dunmire