DandeLions, and Weeds, and Bugs…Oh No!

Pretty yellow flowers, weeds or bugs? They are ferocious! Here are some EARTH FRIENDLY  recipes:Dandelion wine

To rid your lawn of the fluffy wonders (dandelions) ,use a  typical pesticide/fertilizer spray hose attachment or hose with valve system.  Take  2 quarts Basic H2  and 1 bottle of Liqui-Lea and 1/2 pint Basic G.  Use measure spray per 100 sq. ft.

For weeds specific to sidewalks and crevices – Mix 1 gallon of water, 1 tablespoon of Basic H2, 1/2 cup Vinegar and spray on weeds!

For bugs use 1 gallon water to 1tablespoon Basic H2, and you can even spray your herbs that you use for cooking!


I have been using Basic H2 for many years as a fruit and veggie spray: i.e. strawberries into bowl, spray with diluted Basic H2. Spray with water until bowl full, rinse twice. I do this will all my lettuce and fruits and veggies!

To get Basic H2 Biodegradable, Non-toxic product go to http://www.shaklee.net/greendaytoday/gc_yourhome1


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