Paper towels vs. Kitchen towels (Earth Week -Lab Experiment)

Paper TowelsDay 052 by tiramisu_addict

Using kitchen towels instead of paper towels!

(Especially fun for grade school age kids 9-14)

Take half the class and have their family continue using paper towels, but keep track of how many used per day/week plus cost. 

Have the other half of the class only use kitchen towels to dry hands, dishes, tables, etc. and do not use any paper towel at all.  Keep track of how often new towels were used, and laundry was done. (Note dish towels should be washed with regular loads of full laundry of towels or clothing, etc.)

Of course you can create your own variations of this Lab, however its a good base to show kids, and adults, just how much impact our everyday actions have on the environment. Plus the monetary cost in the long run by calculating the cost of paper towels in a 12 month timetable.

Have fun….I Pledge to Use Fewer Paper Towels



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  1. so true! 🙂

    hey there,
    good reminder! thanks, kathleenybeany 🙂

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