Bag the Lunch? Paper or Plastic…


Sandwich Stealing Squirrel

Waxed Paper Bag: Raw Material source:(new) Trees,Petroleum-based paraffin or vegetable wax;

Energy Used: paper requires more energy than plastic to manufacture + the wax;

Disposal-Unrecyclable, however waxed paper will degrade in backyard compost at about same rate as leaves;

General Environmental Impact-Deforestation results in habitat loss.

Plastic Sandwich Bags: Glad, Ziploc & Best Yet use LDPE#4 plastic (none are labeled and some use PVC#3 which contain plasticizers you don’t want near your food);

Raw Material: oil;

Energy used in Production-Thousands of gallons of oil + energy for production; Disposal-Gags are not easily recycled by can be cleaned and reused again…;General

Environmental Impact-Plastic does not break down in nature.

Mini-sandwich lunch for adult

BOTTOM LINE: Both are very poor alternative to reusable containers, but if you’re in a bind, the energy savings give plastic sandwich bags a slight edge over waxed paper, as long as you reuse them frequently and recycle them if you can.

  NEW FIND!!! Wrap-N-Mat! – reusable sandwich wrap and placemat in one! Hand washable, wrap it up and go!  KleenKanteen -eco-friendly safe stainless steel canteens






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