Green Your Present Car, Save Money!

 Driving green isn’t just for hybrid owners!  No matter what make your car is, the way you operate it can save fuel, money and the environment.


1)Keep Your Car In Shape-a car that isn’t in top running condition will burn more fuel and emit more pollution than it needs to. Cover the basics to maximize mileage:

 a)Think Maintenance-follow the manufacturers maintenance schedule.

 b)Fill ‘Em Up– the best way to maximize fuel economy is to make sure your tires are inflated to the pressure recommended on the vehicle’s tire placcard, which is usually found in the driver’s doorjamb. (losing just a little psi will lower your mileage.  When replacing go for low rolling resistance models (check Consumer Reports). And finally,

c)Lose Weight-to increase both fuel economy and performance, remove extra weight from the car (ie. luggage racks, not the spouse or kids).

2)Take It Easy-

a)Keep It Smooth-try not revving your engine above 3,000 rpm as you speed up and cruise along, you’ll save gas and extend the life of your car. Late braking also wastes gas. Drive with an awareness of what’s coming, allowing the vehicle to coast when possible.

b)Don’t Race-the faster you travel the more fuel you need to overcome aerodynamic drag.  According to the EPA, every 5 mph over 60 mph reduces your gas mileage by  5-10 %, it’s like paying 20 cents more per gallong of gas – $4.20 x 16 = OUCH!  

 c)Don’t Idle-If you drive a hybrid, you know the engine shuts off when not needed, and starts up when it’s time to go – Its how they save gas. There are times when turning off the engine is prudent: while waiting for a passenger, stopped at a train crossing, and avoid long warmups on cold mornings.

3)Minimize Your Driving Time-

a)Run Errands Clockwise-UPS discovered that waiting for left-hand turns cost its delivery truck drivers huge amounts of fuel and time. They saved 51,000 gallons of fuel and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 558 tons over 18 months by creating routes that led to an average of 4 right-hand turns for every left. By simply grouping your errands into a single trips will help all by itself. Cars pollute the most when started cold because catalytic converters, which reduce tailpipe emissions, must reach a specific temperature before they work.  Restarting warm engines pollutes less. 

 b)Plan Your Route-take the time to figure out the shortest and quickest route possible.  Listen to traffic reports, or check online before you leave the house.  A GPS device can help, or just you a good old fashion map!

Excerpts from Green Your Car-Three Simple Steps, By Todd Kaho,Green Guide




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  1. Totally agree, very good points!

  2. This should be googled – great info!

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