Kids are the future of Our Planet!

Kids are the future of our Planet! That may sound redundant, however this generation is growing up to be the first environmentally conscience generation. Ok, we had the “hippie” generation ~very organic, but how many of those people can say they are still doing that bit! Some, but not all. 

Now we have kids in preschool, grade school, high school and college being made aware of the crisis at hand thru the media and hopefully their school, if not by parents.  So it is our duty to keep on with this without burning them out in the process.

I have found some great links to check out, each labeled with various age levels:

High School/  and

Grade School and up: , and

Preschool and up: ,and (games)



4 Responses

  1. These are cool links. I will send these to my daughter. Her student organization at school is always looking for community projects. Thanks for sharing.

  2. some great links there. thanks for sharing them. i like what you said about not burning the kids out on the whole green thing. just the other day, my son said, “i’m so sick of hearing about recycling and saving the earth!”

  3. Thanks for the great links!

  4. Great links! I’ll be playing around with those when the munchkin takes her nap. She’s still too young to look at websites but we are working on appreciating and taking care of the world around her.

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