staying up LATE!

Winter?Winter?Winter?The kids have high school midterms starting…  Its the middle of January and there is no snow on the ground across the Northeast of the United States.  Not that I mind, I’m originally a California Girl, I don’t miss not having four seasons.  However it makes you wonder, with all the weird storms we have been having as of late, is this really the big change in weather “they” have been talking about?  I don’t do research, or follow the news hype regarding all the Global Warming, aka Climate Change, however I don’t know about you, but all this is making me take notice on a more regular basis.

I’ve always believed in conservation, and taking care of our planet.  Being an avid outdoors person, I have always made sure I left the places I went just as I had found them (or cleaner if someone else “forgot” their garbage). 

Its our responsibility as parents, to teach our kids to not only pick up that tossed soda can on a day hike, but to also gather up the containers that ended up blowing thru the neighborhood on a windy recycling/garbage pickup day!  We all have to take a little responsibility…if we do that, we plant a seed!tree


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  1. Strangely, although snow is pretty, I enjoy the bleak wasteland that is New Jersey in winter. I guess it suits my overall melancholy personality. What bothers me, though, is the warming trend that does seem to be growing each year. There was much more snow and ice when I was a kid growing up in NY than there ever is now. It’s supposed to be warmer again tomorrow, with rain. Some winter!

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